Typically, in Western medical thinking hearing voices has always been associated with mental illness and frequently seen as a symptom of schizophrenia. Yet, we discovered many people who hear voices do not have a mental illness and never seek help. For this reason we are prepared to accept a range of explanations offered by people who hear voices, including spiritual ones, and believe it is essential to the process of recovery from overwhelming voices to understand the meaning of the voices to the voice hearer.

- Marius Romme

Marl Boorse, hosting

Linking Our Voices Around the World

MCHVN's 2019 World Hearing Voices Congress Attendees

Linking Our Voices Around the World

In November 2019, several of our MCHVN members had the privilege of attending the World Hearing Voices Congress in Montreal, Canada. On December 5, we regrouped for a free event at Montgomery County Community College, to bring what we learned back to the community at large. The evening featured a panel discussion followed by several breakout discussions allowing those who had attended the Congress to share their experiences in a more intimate environment. The evening kicked off with this amazing video montage from MCHVN members Annie and Tricia Stafford. Please click below to watch.

Ongoing- Weekly Support Groups

Hearing voices support groups for people who identify with hearing seeing sensing things that others don't. Hearing voices support groups offered weekly throughout Montgomery County.  Check the schedule link above for location and time. 

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Voices & Visions #1: A straight talking introduction for parents and carers of children and young people who hear voices

Voice Collective, 2012  Download Booklet No. 1

A pdf booklet aimed at parents/supporters, but also suitable for anyone else who wants to understand a bit more about voices and visions. Includes an overview of the range of experiences people can have, how this can affect them and basic tips on how to speak with your child about them.


Annie Stafford and Tracey Riper-Thomas offering the training,  "Understanding Voices through a Recovery Perspective"

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