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Taking Back Our Power: Self-help/Peer Support

MCHVN Groups are social environments that encourage and promote:

• Self-empowerment

• Interdependence

• A view of participants as experts by experience

Hearing Voices Network Groups provide:

• Acceptance and a sense that one is not alone

• A safe place to talk about voices and visions

• An opportunity to learn what the voices mean and how to gain control over the experience

• An opportunity to build stronger social networks and supports

Voice hearers in Hearing Voices Network Groups:

• Share experiences

• Explore different ways of managing and coping with voices

• Access information and resources and learn about the recovery process

Participating in Hearing Voices Network Groups is a way to create a community of people with the common experience of hearing voices, seeing visions, or sensing things that other people don’t. Members in HVNGs empower themselves and each other through sharing an experience that is usually kept private.  Hearing Voices Network Groups offer a safe haven where participants can feel accepted, valued, and understood.

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